I may be known as the Father of the Nation,

But in the end, I too was a human.


I went to England in order to study,

But denied my son the same opportunity.


I campaigned in South Africa on behalf of the Indians,

But regarded as inferior…

Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

As surely as the season of Summer follows Spring,

Autumn will be where Monsoon stood by,

Leaves take the place of raindrops,

Falling down like Manaa from the sky.


Brown and afraid, a few still hang on,

Clinging to the branches of the tree,

Snuggling for some more time…

Oh Lord Krishna !

I have done some terrible things,

I do not deny that.

I am a monster, a demon,

It is a fact.

I will defend myself,

To do so is my right.

Karma demands that I be punished,

But I will go down with a fight.


A lifetime of study for him awaits,

The working hours seem to never end,

Returning home almost every night late,

Very little time to spend with family and friend.


There may not be much work in the initial years,

A saturated profession it may appear,

Equally intimidating is its…

I see people who do not care for each other,

Forced by pretence and custom to come together.


I see families singing Aartis every evening,

Who know the words but not their meaning.


I see crowds upbeat, in the mood for celebration,

But in their hearts, for the…

We got to know each other in our school days,

Sharing myriad moments and memories together.

But little did we know that we were about to,

Form a bond that would last forever.


His general knowledge is exemplary,

But yet he carries himself ever so humbly.

A walking encyclopaedia…

He chose to give up a flourishing practice,

On being elevated to the Bench from the Bar,

But the even-handed justice which he dispensed,

Earned him respect from near and far.


He might not have been able to socialize,

With his friends and family, not have the same kind…

Shukr Usgaokar

Law is a noble pursuit and necessary to sustain life but poetry is what we stay alive for.

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